To know me is to know I made my brave exit from the corporate world just over two years ago. It was clear that my career was no longer in alignment with my moral compass. I sought out to find my soul's highest purpose. Though there have been moments of fear, every day the universe reassures me that I made the right choice. I am firmly planted in the role of conscious entrepreneur. I am building a community, sharing teachings I hold sacred, and most importantly, feeling empowered by the way I spend my time. 

Are you feeling called to step away from the stress of the mainstream & discover your true purpose?  Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels, while the universe hints at a better way to spend your time?

If you are interested in discussing your calling, your options, & learning more about how I made the transition, please email me for a meeting 

Pay It Forward


 If you're feeling generous, and you're in a place of financial abundance, please feel free to "Pay it Forward." You'll provide a partial scholarship to someone else who's experiencing financial strain. This is also a tax right off as I'm a registered Yoga School.

Pay In Full


Standard Payment.  Either pay in full, or hold your spot by paying $100 deposit.

Payment plans are always accepted.

Fixed Income or Students


Designed for those on fixed incomes and students.

Flexible payment plan options available.  

Guru Scholarship


No one will be turned away from these teachings. If you're sincere and wanting the teachings, but maybe financially strapped, please inquire.  I  offer a Guru Scholarship when necessary, but $100 deposit is required for all Guru support. 




Angie Hall resides in Phoenix Arizona


PHONE: 480-799-8113

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